How To Start Earning Online With Blogging

How To Start Earning Online With Blogging

Hello friends, welcome to CAREERALO. Today we will tell you how to start earning online with blogging. Nowadays, every person wants to earn money online by starting a blog. You can now earn money online through the Internet sitting at home.

Here, we will also show you the easiest ways to earn money blogging that you can choose the right way.

If you want to earn money online from blogging then read this article carefully. I hope you will like our article.

#1. Select Your Website Platform

First of all, you have to select the website platform. Currently, there are three content management system websites available on the internet like WORDPRESS, DRUPAL and JOOMLA. To create a website and maintain your online content, you should have to choose one of these.

If you accept our opinion, we will ask you to select WORDPRESS. It is totally free. Because it is enough for everyone from small businesses or entrepreneurs to creative bloggers.

#2. Find A Domain Name and Host for Your website

After selecting your website platform, your next step is to find a domain name and hosting for your website. A domain name is also called web address such And HOST calls it that connects our website to the Internet.

In this, you have to ensure while choosing your domain name that the name must be branded, memorable and catchy enough to fascinate the best visitors.

#3. Set-Up Your website

After searching for a domain name and host for your website, your next step is to establish your website.

Here, we have mentioned some important steps to set up your website.

– Firstly, Explore your hosting account, log in your account.

– Now visit the Control Panel.

– On the Control Panel, click on the option stated Website or Word Press.

– After that, select the domain.

– Now, to access your new word press website, click on the option stated Install Now.

When your website is established, you can choose the best theme for this website. With this, now you are ready to post content.

#4. Apply For Adsense

You have to follow these steps to apply for Adsense on your website.

– Explore the website:

– On the home page of the website, click on the option stated Earnings.

– Now sign up for the Google Adsense.

– Enter all the correct details, and click on the enabled button.

In this way, you can make online money by starting blogging, Friends, if you have liked the article written by us, then you must share it.

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